Using our scalable webcast and internet broadcasting services enables a wide variety of possible uses in order to reach target online audiences.

MX1’s webcast solution integrates video signals, relevant slides and visual materials into an easy-to-use platform and interface that easily incorporates all your corporate branding elements. We’ll create specialised B2B videos, plan and create interactive presentations for sales organisations and optimise innovative webcast.

This interface lets you attended an online event, staff training or conference wherever it is taking place in the world in real-time, right from your computer. Save time and money by discussing key issues and ask questions with the organizers and speakers without the need to travel.

Use webcasts to enhance e-learning for customer and staff training as well as using it to deliver a highly professional level of communicating to corporate events, press conferences and financial messages. MX1 offers webcast services for either either public presentations as well as restricted access presentations for subscribers only.

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