Ensuring that your content is stored safely in a digital format for later use & accessible at any time.

MX1 ensures that your content is kept safely in a digital format for later use. Offering much more than just file storage, we enable you to access and manage everything related to your video and media assets.

Our secure archiving solution covers the entire range of services, including material logistics and processes, required by broadcasters, TV channels, service providers, distributors, aggregators, content owners and rights holders. If there is a change in specifications, we make all the necessary adjustments. The system is compliant with the highest standards set by the broadcast and media industry.

Our full range of services include: digitisation and asset transformation from legacy formats to secure digital archives, media and file conversion into different formats, quality control and the permanent storage of each file.

With MX1, you can access and manage all aspects of your content at any time. Our archiving system enables you to browse through all your video and media assets, including the full range of supplementary assets such as adjacent files, artwork, trailers, video clips and audio files. You can tag themes, add metadata, localise your content into different languages for specific markets and more, increasing the value of your content.

For all our archiving and content management processes, we offer sophisticated APIs to enable a seamless integration with our customers' workflows and tools, e.g. linear and non-linear scheduling, license and rights management.

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