Advanced, cost-effective & flexible news gathering services

Transmit high-quality content from any location using only a satellite dish. Offering the best of both worlds, MX1’s OU Flex solution combines traditional DVB links with full service IP connectivity, providing guaranteed quality of service tailored to your specific needs. Transmissions are handled automatically in an IP format, letting you reach any device or screen.

Manage your entire video and data contributions with maximum flexibility, simply by equipping your SNG vehicle with an OU Flex modem. Richer media content is ensured via bi-directional broadband links, with minimal infrastructure investment and low operating costs.

With tailored service packages for media communications, IP video streaming, social media and file transfer, OU Flex enables you to stream live video from sporting events, share content on social media platforms, transmit content into archives, and exchange large files between locations. Increase your revenues while saving time and costs using centralised production.

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