Monetise your video & media assets further with a wide variety of tools to boost audience reach & revenue opportunities.

Let MX1 enhance your ability to monetise your video & media assets further with a wide variety of tools to boost audience reach. For broadcasters, TV channels, content owners, aggregators, rights holders, sports organisations & TV service providers MX1 offers innovative ways to capitalise on revenue generated from your content.

With a global network, we ensure the widest possible reach, enabling you to extend your content into new markets. Linear content, such as live sports, can be repurposed for online audiences.

We offer a wide range of monetisation tools as part of our online video platform, including:

  • VOD, catch-up TV or hybrid solutions with complex pricing mechanisms to extend your reach & increase subscriptions
  • Pay-per-view capabilities to increase your revenues on content rights
  • Tailored advertising solutions where we add regional or global advertising to your content for the widest possible audiences.
  • Targeted & tailored advertising insertion to live broadcasts, such as major sports events, in any market
  • Enhanced viewer engagement – collecting viewer data & using this to enhance your content & audience offering as well as targeting advertising to relevant target groups

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