Complete solutions to suit any needs, including content preparation, processing & management.

MX1 has a complete media asset management solution to suit the needs of any media organisation, including all aspects of content preparation, processing, secure archiving, digitisation & content management, with content accessible at any time for any purpose.

Content preparation

With years of experience & state-of-the-art facilities, we offer the highest grade of content management, outputting to any standard, screen or any broadcast, VOD or OTT platform, & any specification. MX1 restores your archive film or legacy format analogue video, colourises & scans it, & then transfers your media into high-quality video, using our proven telecine services. MX1 also offers an exceptional colourising solution, where we transform archived footage in black & white into colour.

Content processing

We transform your video assets from one input format to multiple output formats, changing resolutions from HD to SD, adding watermarks or logos & more. By turning existing archives into programming, VOD assets, TV channels & online video content, you can use existing assets & turn them into valuable monetisation opportunities. 

Content management

MX1 also provides comprehensive & flexible content management solutions for the media & video industry, as part of a self-serve or fully managed service model. Our industry experts manage content for any use, in any format, with streamlined workflows & complemented by metadata, images, audio tracks, subtitles & more. We can manage your content, so it is ready for consumption on any device.

Our service suite now includes intelligent clip restoration & editing using low-res versions. Using MX1’s backend tool, you can browse through your inventory & manipulate original high-res files into different formats & versions for different purposes. You can transcode, create clips, edit & add adverts, watermarks, timecodes etc. offline & then render the relevant parts of the high-res version, when necessary, to deliver the final file to VOD & other platforms.

MX1 360

Our MX1 360 unified media platform allows you to monitor, manage & enhance all your video & media assets as well as manage workflows & other value-added services from one centralised platform. We also offer sophisticated APIs to enable a seamless integration of our media asset management system with our customers' workflows & tools.

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