Feb. 13, 2018 MX1, a global solution provider of media services, announced today that it is providing content aggregation for a number of channels from 1&1’s newest TV offerings. As Germany’s first fully cloud-based TV service, 1&1 offers its DSL customers HD television via the Internet. Currently, MX1 supports nine channels with signal feeds and processing, including A&E HD, TNT Film HD, Universal Channel SD and HD, TNT Comedy SD, Cartoon Network HD and SD, Boomerang HD, and kabel eins CLASSICS SD.

“As content offerings increase, the demand for content management solutions and distribution services is growing, making partnerships like this even more important,” said Christoph Mühleib, managing director of Astra Germany, responsible for the marketing of Astra and MX1 services in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. “We work in a highly dynamic market, and with MX1, we can address challenging and complex requirements in a flexible way.”

Beyond providing content aggregation services, MX1 offers global commercialisation of linear and non-linear content, including highly optimised content management solutions for video content, complementary media, and distribution services. Video content of all quality grades can be transmitted to the public via satellite, cable, or the Internet via MX1’s services. MX1 also offers OTT solutions ranging from simple, cloud-based playout to fully managed service offerings.

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About 1&1 Telecommunication SE

With more than 12 million customer contracts, 1&1 Telecommunication SE is a leading DSL and mobile telephony service provider in Germany. 1&1 Telecommunication SE is a subsidiary of Drillisch AG, a member of the United Internet Group.

About MX1

MX1, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SES (Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG), is a leading global media services provider. The world’s first media globalizer works with leading media businesses to transform content into the ultimate viewer experience for a global audience. With more entertainment, more innovation and more impact, MX1 offers a full range of content management, delivery and value-added digital media services.

Every day, MX1 distributes more than 2,750 TV channels, manages the playout of over 500 channels, delivers syndicated content to more than 120 leading subscription VOD platforms, delivers over 8,000 hours of online video streaming and delivers more than 500 hours of premium sports and live events. The new company has 16 offices worldwide and operates six global state-of-the-art media centres, enabling customers to reach billions of people around the world.

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