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You know you’ve got amazing content. But the media world is complex, and changing fast. How do you manage it all? How do you reach the widest possible audiences and provide the ultimate viewing experience? And how do you truly monetise your video and media assets?

That’s why we’ve created MX1 360. We are the world’s first media globalizer, working with you to transform, accelerate and globalize your content. MX1 360 is our innovative, industry-defining media service platform, powering our full suite of digital video and media services.

MX1 360 enables leading media businesses to manage, deliver and monetise their content from one centralised service platform.  Streamlining your content workflow from start to finish.

Key benefits

  1. Single, centralised platform – one place to do it all, with a single point of access
  2. Highly scalable, flexible and agile – enabling fast changes and the addition of other services
  3. Open architecture – easily integrated with any third party applications and services, with an open API
  4. Cloud-based/on prem – enabling local, and remote, access and control
  5. Future-proof technology – compatible with all formats, resolutions, standards and devices
  6. Best-of-breed tools – for ingest, transcoding, asset management and more
  7. User-friendly dashboard – a fully transparent, automated system, providing a window into your content, enabling full monitoring, insights and effective workflow management
  8. Highest security standards – complies with industry standards to provide a secure collaborative environment
  9. 24/7 service and support from MX1’s expert technical team

One single platform does it all

MX1 360 offers an end-to-end open media service platform for broadcasters, TV channels, content and rights holders, sports organisations, TV service providers and distributors. From large media owners with massive archives to small content owners with live feeds, MX1 360 caters for every need.

The platform serves all content requirements in one single place – from preparing, packaging, managing and validating high-quality content, to reliable playout and optimal delivery for multi-screen viewing. 

Based on hybrid cloud-based/on-prem software and infrastructure, MX1 360 sets a new standard for the industry. The platform can be used as part of a fully managed service or self-serve model, enabling you to access, monitor and interact with your content virtually, from anywhere in the world.

Giving you the best tools to amplify the value of your media content.

Platform Hightlights

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