MX1 provides a full solution to ingest and completely digitise all of your video and media assets. Whether the original content is on film, or earlier analogue or digital formats, our teams can ingest the video, encode/transcode it, create metadata, and format it for digital distribution with the optimum screen size, bit rate, graphics, sound and colour grading, creating the most professional look and feel.

Once digitised, we provide our customers with the capability to turn their existing archived content into valuable digital assets like programming, TV channels, online or VOD content on any platform, and therefore gaining further monetisation opportunities from your content.

The digitization process is completely flexible, with the ability to be integrated into a digital workflow for later use down the content chain depending on business requirements. 

Additionally, MX1 creates metadata for all assets in order to assist the searching process and make content discovery simpler and therefore enhancing viewing experiences. 

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