MX1 offers you all the technology and playout infrastructure for a hassle free, cost effective cloud-based playout solution.

Our cloud-based playout is a self-service solution that offers a cost-effective, all-in-one solution for SD and HD channels, giving you full control over your content and broadcast TV channels – enabling you to monitor and manage channel playlists, localise language and commercials, add graphics and deliver to your chosen audience.

It's easy to set up, and accessible anywhere in the world via our intuitive web interface. You will have the ability to transform file-based content into your own linear TV channel, perform back-ups and redundancies and automated content and playlist checks.

With everything under one roof, MX1’s cloud-based playout solution offers a media asset management, program scheduling, advertising insertion, localization, formatting to any broadcast TV or OTT platform.

This is a completely integrated solution that offers a hassle-free and flexible approach to playout services that can be rolled out into new markets.

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