Oz Peleg

Oz Peleg was appointed as MX1’s Chief Operating Officer in January 2018. Oz has over 30 years of experience in the operational and engineering aspects of the broadcasting industry.

Oz has been with MX1 since 2016, previously having the role of VP Operations & Global Content Management Manager, with responsibilities for all of the activities at one of MX1 local sites and global responsibility for the content management at all MX1 sites.

Prior to joining MX1, Oz had a distinguished career of 16 years at YES as the Head of Broadcasting Center with direct responsibilities for engineering and operations relating to core operative systems, planning, various engineering projects, tender preparation as well as RFP evaluation and negotiations. Prior to YES, Oz held a variety of positions in the media industry including at Elgadphone Communication Infrastructures as a VP Operations and at Sony as a Marketing and Procurement Manager.

Oz holds a BA in Business Management from Derby University as well as a diploma in Electronics and Computers Engineering from the School of Practical Engineers in Tel Aviv.