MX1 manages & delivers live and non-live NFL games & content to multiple regions

  • Content delivery

  • Live HD delivery

  • Content localisation

  • Content processing

  • Platform access

  • Network monitoring


The National Football League (NFL) is the leading professional sports league in North America. The NFL season is broken up into the regular season and the playoffs, culminating in the annual Super Bowl, one of the most eagerly anticipated sporting events on the calendar. The NFL has a huge amount of interest both in North America and internationally, drawing audiences in the hundreds of millions globally.

Business need

The NFL requires a reliable partner to deliver flawless live and non-live NFL games and other content to TV service providers and audiences in multiple regions globally. With live games, the NFL needed a partner to handle multiple games simultaneously.


MX1 (under previous brands) has been the ongoing delivery partner of the NFL for many years, as the sole provider of media and video services for Europe and Asia. With MX1 providing many successful seasons of live global delivery, the NFL subsequently renewed the agreement for global distribution on a multi-year deal. The new agreement saw MX1 extend their services to the management and distribution of up to 12 simultaneous live games and other NFL related programming weekly into Europe, Asia and beyond, including Latin America.

All MX1’s services to the NFL are provided from MX1’s media centres, with all live and non-live broadcasts monitored by industry experts to guarantee the best quality experiences for viewers across the globe. These broadcasts are managed and delivered dedicated service infrastructure built to support premium sports like the NFL.

The MX1 solution to the NFL covers:

  • Global live delivery of NFL pre-season, regular season, playoffs, pro bowl and Super Bowl games in HD to Europe, Asia and Latin America
  • Up to 12 simultaneous games can be delivered live every week.
  • Delivery of non live NFL content including magazine-style and highlights programming (eg. NFL RedZone) into Europe
  • Content localisation for live broadcasts where multiple audio versions are handled (eg. More than 28 audio tracks for Super Bowl XLVII)
  • Content processing – the conversion of frame rates from from US to European and Asian standards as well as recreation of Dolby™ audio for up to eight games simultaneously every week
  • The management of other NFL content and assets that are used later video broadcast packages
  • Live game and content delivery to hundreds of TV service platforms in multiple regions
  • Network monitoring and reporting


MX1 enables the NFL to grow their viewers and reach on hundreds of TV service platforms to audiences in the hundreds of millions.

Each week during the regular season, eight to twelve games are being distributed by MX1, with the capability to deliver up to nine games concurrently and with the capacity to handle additional requests as required by the NFL.

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