MX1 manages & delivers Goalplay's soccer content to multiple viewing platforms

  • MX1 360

  • Content processing

  • Metadata management

  • Secure archiving

  • CDN


Founded by former international goalkeeper Oliver Kahn, Goalplay is a multifaceted, multimedia coaching platform specialising in training the next generation of soccer’s goalkeepers.

Business need

Goalplay required a solution for storing and managing its valuable video content in a highly secure environment which allows for the repurposing of video content at any time. The solution also had to allow for growth and be able to manage the complexity of delivering video content across a wide range of digital outlets including Goalplay’s TV app, OTT 24/7 channels, mobile apps, online outlets, and social media channels. The company was also looking to create further efficiencies by unifying its content management workflows and distribution operations.


MX1 has provided Goalplay with a unified solution to ensure video content is produced efficiently, securely stored & accessed reliably by a wide audience.

The MX1 360 end-to-end media service platform is used for all of the company’s valuable content aimed at its range of digital platforms throughout the entire content lifecycle, from production to delivery. MX1 360’s user-friendly web interface allows Goalplay to access its content anytime, anywhere. Metadata is managed automatically and transcoding takes place within the MX1 360 platform to ensure content is optimised for delivery in any format that might be required.

MX1’s CDN services optimize the secure and high-performance distribution of Goalplay’s content, making sure it gets to end-users in the best quality and in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.


Being able to rely on MX1’s global infrastructure and expertise allows Goalplay to expand its business both nationally and internationally. Using MX1 360 to take care of automatic metadata management allows the company to maximise its fast-growing content catalogue from the moment it hits its servers, while the secure and structured archiving of Goalplay’s content enables it to handle its unique content in the most efficient ways possible.

"Prior to partnering with MX1, we relied upon a variety of different service providers and content solutions to manage content for our website and apps. It wasn’t a very fluid or efficient process. MX1 unifies our content management and distribution operations, saving us time and money, and allowing our staff to focus on more important tasks at hand, like content development.”

Oliver Kahn

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