MX1 manages, delivers entertainment channels & premium sports to broadcast & online audiences

  • Content management

  • Playout

  • Channel management

  • Content delivery

  • Platform access

  • Live Services


FOX Networks Group (FNG) is the international media division of 21st Century FOX. FNG develops, produces and distributes more than 300 entertainment, sports, lifestyle, factual and movie channels in 45 languages across Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

MX1 serves a wide variety of FOX channels including FOX Sports, Baby TV and National Geographic channels.

Business need

FOX Networks Group wanted a global media partner to provide a solution for maximising FOX’s channels globally, with the ability to distribute its sports, entertainment, and national geographic channels to multiple regions and countries, while transmitting live coverage from top sporting events.


MX1 is an end-to-end digital media services provider for the US and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

MX1 provides FOX with a wide range of media services including:

  • Content management – preparation and management of all the various media assets that are acquired and used in the schedule of the various FOX channels that are managed by MX1. The various services including formatting and encoding, branding of channels and reformatting and localising channels for the various regional TV service providers
  • Channel management and playout services for FOX channels from MX1’s global media centres.
  • Content delivery – through a global network, MX1 distributes FOX channels connecting to hubs via optimised means of satellite, fibre and the Internet
  • Platform access – direct connections to leading TV service platforms in Europe and Africa
  • Live services – MX1 production team covers NFL games during the season using its hybrid and optimised network tailor-made for FOX


By using MX1 services, FOX is free to focus on the development and producing of their channels in the knowledge that their content is being delivered to hundreds of TV service platforms and a global audience of millions.

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