MX1 offers a new range of opportunities to enrich your content and engage viewers further. Use previews and snippets on social media to help promote your content. We'll prepare whatever you need.

You can immediately capitalize on the value of your media and video assets to turn them into new monetisation opportunities. MX1 enables the collection of platform data from broadcast TV, VOD, online and mobile audiences and then you can utilise this to optimise your content and audience offering, monetise your content further, increase conversions and user interactions and boost loyalty.

We’ll also create a dedicated social network, to manage all user data and determine your audience reach. Collect valuable user data from your media and video assets like understanding who is viewing your content, who is engaging, from what regions and locations they are from. You will own all this valuable data.

By building a wide variety of tools to engage the viewing community like social media reactions, comments, shares, chats, polls, red button reactions and quizzes, MX1 helps you to turn anonymous viewers into engaged consumers.

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