Check whether you need to fine tune your content offering with our advanced digital analytics. We make it easy to access, request and use the data you need.

With the way that viewers are consuming content already being fragmented with thousands of channels, multi-screens, online & VOD platforms, catch up TV and pay-per-view, MX1 provides you with all the tools and resources you need to gain valuable insights on audiences and content.

By offering you valuable data on who is watching your content and in what regions, we offer advance analytic data to tailor your content offering to fit the audience needs.

In today’s increasingly complex media landscape it is important for TV and video service platforms to offer the right content to the right viewers in order to better tailor subscription options and to know the value for the rights of content.

With MX1 advanced analytics tools, we offer a complete and easily accessible solution to access and utilise viewer data to make solid and accurate business choices. Rely on MX1 to provide you with all the analytic data you need.

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