MX1’s Global Playout Services Giving you the best choice in global playout

Get your content to the right audience with MX1’s global playout services. We tailor a solution to suit your needs – whether you’re a major sports or news TV broadcaster with hundreds of channels and complex requirements, or a dedicated channel aimed at a specific audience requiring simple playout. Our playout solutions range from a fully managed service with a wide range of features, capabilities and support levels, to  a smart, cost-effective cloud-based playout solution. Choose the right service for you or even combine both models for your international and local channels.

Whichever service model you choose, we work with you to amplify the value of your content for a global audience to monetise your content further. Our monetisation services include distributing to various locations, various devices and along various business models (e.g. DRM protection, subscriber management, ad insertion).

Our fully managed 24/7 service ensures your programmes are played out to the right audience, at the right time, with a full peace of mind. We take care of all your playout needs.

  • Our state-of-the-art media centres in the Americas, Europe, Central Europe and the Middle East simplify the entire playout process. Our system automatically handles and plays out channels based on the schedule, then delivers them through our global network, in any format, and on any screen.
  • Our expert team provides 24/7 service and support, managing playlists, as well as monitoring and managing the reliable playout and delivery of your content.
  • We build and create complete channels from both archive and live content, adding metadata and advanced graphics.
  • Live content insertion – adding exciting live news, sports and entertainment events from anywhere in the world to create the ultimate viewer experience.
  • Flexible and agile solutions – playing out the same piece of content over satellite, fibre or the Internet at the same time with different graphics and overlay text.
  • Full redundancy for maximum security.

MX1 manages playout of more than 500 channels, serving some of the world’s leading media businesses, including CBC (China Broadcast Corporation), Cartoon Network, FOX Asia, FOX Sports, MTV & Nickelodeon, National Geographic Channel, NBA Premium TV, RTL CBS Asia and more.

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